(originally published 3/30/2011)

His eyes were clear, a brilliant, Paul Newman blue, the kind that look right into your soul and make you want him to rip off your clothes and take you right then and there and you don’t care who’s watching. You lay down your cards.

“Three kings.”


He mutters under his voice, but you heard him. You really want to giggle. You don’t really care who wins, but to him it’s serious, a real contest. He slowly straightens up on his haunches and you hold your breath as he unbuttons his western shirt and works his way out of it. It lands on the floor next to his boots and socks and Levis. But his body, O my God, what a body, abs that cry out to be fondled, kissed, tasted,  must be the result of hours in the gym. His chest isn’t quite as tan as his arms, but that’s okay- he’s fine the way he is. You can feel yourself getting ready for him – your body knows something you haven’t admitted yet. You run your tongue around your lips, licking them, trying to find a vestige of control. Your voice is shaky – you hate that.

“You must work out a lot.”

He smiles and you know what’s going to happen. He doesn’t, well he’s hoping to get lucky, but you know how you feel right now. He shakes his head.

“No, ma’am, just the way I am, I guess. Nothin’ much but liftin’ hay and chasin’ cattle. I don’t have time to work out.”

You bend forward, just enough to know that his gaze is taking in the curves down the front of your blouse.

“Are you ready for another hand?”

You look up to catch his errant eyes and you feel warm inside. Whenever you want him he is yours. Finally, he nods. “Ma’am, I don’t know how much more I can play, though, all I have left is my underpants.” He looks embarrassed. He thought he’d easily beat you – how many girls know how to play poker? Well, if you’ve put in a little time playing for the house in Vegas, you do. You’re careful to shuffle clumsily again and lay out his cards. Your hand is good – too good. You throw away three queens and draw garbage. He’ll win even if he…

“I got a pair.”

He is so excited you can’t help smiling.

“Well, that sure beats me.”

You lay down your busted straight and kick off your Jimmy Chu’s – damn that feels better. Should have done that earlier.

“You play really well, honey. Ready to keep going?”

His eyes give it all away – hopefully he will have the stamina to go along with the lust. You manage to throw away the next few hands – you have to laugh when he nearly chokes when you reach up under your skirt and wriggle out of your pantyhose – must be his favorite fetish. Finally you’re looking at each other across the coffee table.

“Well, one of us has to win and one of us has to lose. But if you win, I’ll want you to give me a chance to break even anyway.”

He smiles back. He has won so many hands in a row and you’re sitting there in a bra. And nothing else. He has a hard time lifting his eyes from the sweet spot he’s dreamed of since he was ten years old, and he has the same pair of shorts on since you decided to throw the game.

“OK. Well, deal’em, then.”

You deal and pick up your hand. This is going to hurt – you throw away four cards to a flush and keep a deuce. You can read it in his eyes – he has a real winner.

“Can you beat three aces?”

You shake your head, then reach around to unhook your bra. He’s earned a good long look. You’re so damn wet you probably are leaving a puddle.

“You said you’d give me a chance to get even.”

He smiles. Finally, he seems to have figured out everything.

“But I won, right?”

Is it possible for a male to be that dumb? Probably. Sometimes you think they all are. Well, what you want from him doesn’t really require a great deal of intelligence. You nod and shuffle and deal. This time you play the odds – you really want to win the last one. You can see it in his eyes.

“I got nothin’.”

You lay down your queens.

“OK then.”

He stands up and seems almost embarrassed as he slides his shorts down his legs. You can’t help staring. He is the biggest guy you’ve ever seen. His cock is so huge, you will text about this to your girlfriends all day tomorrow. You’re not sure something that big will fit inside you, but you’ll take your chances. And on the end is a drop. Not yet a drip.

And it’s clear…


Forgot to mention last week that this is for Ruby Kiddell’s Wank Wednesday flash fiction thing – this week the theme is, in case you hadn’t guessed, Clear…

It’s relaxing to get away from constant editing and do something new. now back to work


Mollyskiss – Great writing….made me smile and your descriptions are wonderful

Ruby – Thanks again for joining in with Wank Wednesday this week.
I think I might have to learn poker after reading your story.


Erikamoran – Thank you, Molly – I wanted something a little lighter than last week. Glad you enjoyed it

Erikamoran – Yes, most guys think they have a game we can’t play, don’t they? I really enjoy your flash fiction events – and one of my favourite subjects too.

jelly292 – Brilliant Erika! I love your #wankwednesday contributions, it always brightens my day!

erikamoran – Thank you – I enjoy your writing as well. You do a broader range than I do. See you Wednesday.


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