Gloria was having a really bad day. She had a run in her pantyhose. She’d been late for work and had to endure a thorough scolding from the world’s worst boss, followed by a series of menial tasks she thought below her. Bring coffee. Copy these letters. Run out and get everything on this list from Office Depot. And hurry up about it. She ran from the second she walked in the front door to Maeve Blankins, Photography. She hated working for a woman, hated it with a passion, but the job paid well, better than anything else she’d found. And it did have it’s fringe bennies. She couldn’t think of any other employer where a constant stream of gorgeous hunks walked in and out, took off their shirts, and posed.

“Gloria, get in here, and bring the box of spare bulbs.” The raucous voice carried through the small shop.

She walked in and Maeve was standing on a stepladder.

“The spot burned out. Give me a new bulb and get rid of the old one.”

She pawed through the box and found the right one then reached on tiptoes to hand it up. In a second, a hot ball of glass landed in her outstretched hand, and she exploded in a burst of curses. Maeve looked down at her.

“What did I tell you about swearing while you’re here?

“Umm. Not to.”

“When I’m through here, I’m going to take you over my knee and blister your behind.”

She heard chuckles behind her, and she turned around. She gasped. Of all the handsome guys who’d walked through here, he had to be the best looking she’d ever seen. He was lounging across the couch, a draped blanket his only cover, and there was little she couldn’t see to admire. The six-pack abs, chiseled face, hair a little too long, and eyes… his stunning diamond blue eyes captured her. She felt her body react way too fast. She could try all she wanted, but the moisture gushing between her legs informed her rejecting him would be a hard sell…

“Hello. Is she really going to spank you?”

You had me at hello. Her face flushed, and it had to be bright red. Did she really admit to someone so attractive that she got paddled like a five year old. She jiggled from one foot to the other. Now if he did it…

“Umm. Well…”

“Go ahead. Tell him, Gloria. Or I will.”

She sighed. It was why the money was so good, and Maeve made that clear to her from the beginning. She would be spanked on the bare if she messed up an assignment. If she was disrespectful to her boss. If she made a pass at a client. If she wasn’t ladylike. If she did anything, it seemed like.

“Yes, I’m afraid she is. It was our agreement when I came to work for her.”

He started laughing.

“Well, Maeve darling, you have to let me watch. I find it hard to believe a sweet little thing like her gets her bottom swatted.”

Maeve muttered as she climbed down. “Let’s get your shoot done first. Gloria, you just stand there till I’m finished.”

For the next forty-five minutes she leaned against the wall and watched, as Maeve put him through his paces, one position after another, the constant whir and clatter of the cameras filling the room. A few times Gloria had to dig out a lens, and put away the old one. Usually she didn’t have to assist Maeve for single subject shoots. There might have been a minute when she wasn’t thinking about him taking her in his arms and, well, taking her. That minute was spent wondering if Maeve would really let him watch, and what he would think of her. The thought went to the back of her mind as she wriggled a little, flexing her thighs. She didn’t even know his name and she wanted to go to bed with him. And she didn’t care.

Finally the last few shots were finished.

“All right Jimmie. I’ll have your portfolio ready in a few days. I’ll call when you can pick it up.”

“Great, Maeve. Thanks a bunch. So…”

“Hmmm?” She looked at him, and Gloria caught sparks in Maeve’s eyes.

“Aren’t you going to spank her?”

She put her hands on her hips.

“If I do, young man, it’s none of your business. That’s between us girls. Out of here. Now.”

“Okay, I was just kidding.”

“I bet.”

“Bye Gloria.”

She was still blushing. Maybe she could get his phone number out of the files. Then what?


He walked out, and she slumped. She thought maybe, somehow, plain Gloria could have something, some little fling, with a hunk.

The rest of her afternoon went quietly. It was almost like Maeve knew how down she felt and was leaving her alone, because the constant flow of errands stopped. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up, and she felt stupid. How could a handsome guy want her. Five o’clock came and she left, just a quiet good-bye to Maeve. She walked out into the darkness, wishing… she wasn’t sure for what, but wishing something.

She was half way to the bus stop when she sensed him. She didn’t know how, but she knew he was there. His bulk next to her was startling, he was so lithe she hadn’t heard anything, but he was there.


“The very same. So how are you?”

“Oh, fine.” She brightened up, looked over and smiled. “I’m doing good. How are you?”

“Okay. So how is your little bottom doing? I always wanted to see a girl’s bottom after she got paddled.”

“She let me slide today, I don’t know why. Usually she’s pretty strict.”

“Hmmm. So Gloria didn’t get her spanking?”

Her face was flushing again, and she was getting excited.

“No. I guess I got away with it.”

“That’s terrible. A bad little girl should have been punished and gets away with it. What’s this world coming to. By the way, would you like a ride?”

“Sure. I hate the damn bus. Always so many people looking at me, guys I mean, and it’s hard to get a seat. That would be great.”

He stopped next to a shiny BMW.

“This is mine.”

He opened her door and held it for her, closed it carefully after she dropped onto the leather seats. It was like a dream. She was riding in his car, sensing the alpha male scent to him, a warmth, his warmth. They chatted together. He told her about his plans for acting, his classes, and she got him to talk a lot. His parents had money, enough that he could pursue what he wanted without having to worry about making the rent. Unlike her.

He stopped talking for a while, and she desperately wanted to keep the conversation going. He finally broke the silence.

“Would you like to do dinner some night?”

She had to be dreaming. Dinner?

“Sure. Whenever you’d like.”

“Okay. I’ll call. Maybe Maeve will have paddled you that day.”

She knew what she wanted to say, but did she dare?

“Well, you could always do it yourself. If you want to see what it looks like.”

He stared at her.

“Me? I mean… wow. You wouldn’t mind?”

She wriggled in the seat, and the idea of being close enough to him to get a spanking sent her imagination into overdrive, leaving her wet again, loving every facet of the thought.

“I wouldn’t mind. Maeve spanks me pretty hard sometimes, and I can take it. If you want to.”

“Is my place okay? It’s only fifteen minutes away.” The excitement in his voice was obvious.

She nodded.

It was the longest fifteen minutes she ever spent. He didn’t say much, but he looked over at her constantly, and smiled. Her tummy was doing flip-flops. She’d never been spanked by a man. Maeve wasn’t much bigger that she was, but when she used her hairbrush it really did sting. What would it be like with him. Afterwards would they make love? Would he be gentle outside of the punishment?

“What are you going to use?”

“Oh, uh. I don’t know. What does Maeve usually use on you?”

“Her hairbrush, if she’s really serious.”

He thought for a minute. “I know where I can get one. I’ll call a friend.”

They rode on in silence for the few minutes it took to get to a huge house. As he walked her in, he held her arm.

“This is kind of new and different. You’re really swell about this.”

He led her down the basement to wait, and it was hard to sit there with nothing much to look at. It was a plain room, concrete floor and two chairs, a small table, and a light. The only window was high on the outer wall, and he’d closed the unpainted door behind him when he left. She looked around the walls, painted flat white, with no pictures, nothing to break the monotony of the view. She smiled. It would be over and then they could get in bed together. It seemed like an hour before she heard footsteps, then the door opened.The clicking of stiletto heels on the concrete was deafening, and she wanted to be sick. There was a beautiful girl with him.

“Gloria, this is my girlfriend Betty. She brought me her hairbrush to use on you, and she wants to spank you too. I didn’t think you’d mind.”

Her head was spinning. Girlfriend? How could he…

He sat on the other chair, and reached over, grabbed her wrist and pulled her across his lap. She was still so stunned she couldn’t speak, and she couldn’t put up much of a fight while he slid her skirt up. Betty walked over next to her, and Gloria could sense perfume, her feminine scent.

“Let me pull her pantyhose down, Jimmie. I want to see how her skin feels before you start in.”

She felt the waistband sliding down over her bottom,then her thighs, and a cold chill crept over her skin. She wanted to scream, to tell him no, to tell her no, but she couldn’t. Fingers, delicate, feminine, slid over her bare bottom cheeks.

“Oh, she’s got nice smooth skin. Let’s see what it looks like after you spank her with my hairbrush.”

The fingers slid down between her legs, she wanted to stop her, she wanted to tell Betty to stop, but she couldn’t.

“Oh, Jimmie, what did you do to her? She’s all wet. She thought you were going to fuck her when you were through.”

A long female fingernail scraped over her clit, driving her wild with desire.

“Maybe I’ll play with her and you can watch. Go ahead and spank her, honey. Blister her butt real good. Then it’s my turn.”

She stared at the concrete floor, focused on a crack and wishing she was somewhere else, wishing she had never thought of this. The first swat landed, and the impact of wood on skin was so painful she screamed and kicked her feet. She twisted to look at him, and his arm was back, the hairbrush coming down. She screamed again.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby. Take what you’ve got coming.” Betty was smiling.

The echoes of swats bounced around the room, chased by her screams. It would be a long night.


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2 Responses to Echoes

  1. The pacing on this story is very deliberate, which makes the denouement all the more welcome and surprising. You craft believable characters that everyone knows. And when the action starts, it’s exciting and intense. Well done.

  2. Mina says:

    So many sexy twists and turns… lovely!

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