(Originally published 3/24/2011)

Spare the cane and spoil the sub
She’ll look up with those wide brown eyes
Promising never, ever to do again
Exactly what she did
The last time

Her tears will come
They always do
While she tries so hard to dissuade you
From the dozen (or two)
You’ve promised if she did
What she did
The last time

You must not yield
Girls always look
For the weakness
The caring
The willingness to overlook
Her failure to obey
To carry through
And not make
The same mistake
She did
The last time

You’ll leave the double tracks
Across her silken flesh
Not because
You want to
But because
You have to
So she doesn’t do
The same thing as
The last time

She cries, she begs
She curls in your arms
Her tiny body drops
To meet your slippery needs
Her mouth takes you
Where you long to go
And she makes you feel
Queen of the world
And you love her
Just like
The last time


Eb – Oh my!

Angel – Cover’s backside and puts back to the wall. Need to be wary being naughty around here ;p

Erikamoran – Angel and Eb – thank you both. Well, yes, well-behaved girls are appreciated


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