Chapter 1

Lisa’s heart was pounding. It had seemed such a great idea sitting around the table at Moletti’s – each of them going to a different store and shoplifting something, anything. Whoever came back with the most expensive swag won, except if someone brought back a really outrageous trophy, the group could vote her the winner.  Eight girls and not one needed to steal. They’d gone to the same exclusive schools from the time they were four, and most people would have considered their parents wealthy. Financially they would have been right. Emotionally was another story.

Lisa had picked her way through dresses, sweaters, and skirts. She couldn’t imagine how she could get any of them out. Most of the lingerie was the same – her purse just wasn’t that big. Then she’d found some imported underwear – silk thongs that cost a fortune. She added it up – she could easily fit nearly two hundred dollars’ worth of panties in her purse. If it wasn’t in first place it should be close. She’d scooped up a handful under the bulky sweater and headed for the fitting rooms. Imagine the stupidity- there was only a man on duty. He couldn’t come in and catch her. A man in a fitting room – she laughed to herself.

She’d honed her shoplifting skills from the time she was ten – it was how you got accepted into the clique at school, the snobbiest of the snobs, girls who’d cut down anyone who dared to talk to them. And Lisa was a member in good standing. Because she’d steal anything, take any dare. No one could beat her. She smiled and showed him the sweater, then pulled the door closed behind her. No matter how many times she stole the adrenaline always surged through her veins. Her hands shook as she carefully folded the thongs and slipped them in the bottom of her purse – there was just enough room and her wallet covered everything. She rumpled up the sweater, rubbed it against her to get a little of her perfume on it – if it didn’t look worn clerks became suspicious. She stood, carefully went over the checklist in her mind. She hadn’t missed anything.

“It just doesn’t hang right on me.”

She handed over the sweater. He smiled up at her.

“I’m terribly sorry. Is there anything else I could interest you in?”

Yes, your beautiful tanned body. God he was gorgeous. Maybe he was gay – why else would he be working in a woman’s wear shop – but if he was, it was sure a waste.

“My girlfriend told me about these and I was so hoping it would fit. Since I’m here I’ll see if there’s anything else…” She let her voice drop off. She walked slowly around the store. Running for the exit had gotten a number of girls busted. She took her time, examining several other sweaters and a few skirts. She’d finally worked her way to the door and managed a look back – he was engrossed in folding clothes and she strolled through the door.

“Whoop whoop whoop.” The loud siren was only a few feet from her ear and Lisa jumped, then froze for a second.  She turned and he was speeding toward her. She had no idea a man that big could move that fast. My God, he’s so big. I had no idea he was so big. She turned and started to run. Running in heels was a really bad idea. She hadn’t gotten ten steps before she felt a firm hand crushing her upper arm. Women walking by all stared at her, a few stopping, drawn by the continuing whooping of the siren. She felt her face burning – she must be blushing something awful. Her heart rose from the thumping in the fitting room to a racing beat she thought would be the death of her. He calmly walked her back into the store, never giving her any chance to get away. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a remote. The siren quieted immediately.

“You could have done that before. That was so embarrassing.”

He started laughing at her.

“Well, you sure have cojones, I’ll give you that. I really don’t give a damn how embarrassed you are, in fact the more the better. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

She wondered if tears would help.  She could generate an impressive crying jag. He didn’t seem the type.

“What are you going to do to me?”

She hoped he fell for the guilt thing.

“Shut up and sit down.”

He pushed her into a chair, then twisted her hands behind her. She heard several clicks as the metal settled on her wrists.


“You play with the bad girls you get treated like one.”

He unzipped her purse and turned it upside down, watching the contents drop piece by piece onto the counter.

“Hey, that’s my stuff.”

The six thongs fell out last, draped on top of her lipstick, mascara, wallet, cell phone, and keys.

“Hey, I think that’s our stuff.”

She couldn’t help smiling. At least he had a sense of humor. And he was drop-dead handsome. She started to feel a tingle slowly rising over her whole body. Oh my God, not now, I need my wits about me if I’m going to get out of this. It wasn’t fair. He was the kind of guy she got wet thinking about, speaking of which…

“How often have you stolen from my mother?”

She choked.


“The shop belongs to my mother. How often have you stolen from her?”

“Oh. I thought you were gay or something…” She paused. The look on his face cut right through her. Damn he was intimidating. He pulled a knife from somewhere and shook it out, holding the blade. She jumped when it locked into position with a loud clunk. She’d always been scared of boys who carried knives. Right now she suddenly found it hard to breathe. He gently pitched it up and caught it by the handle

“Last month when a guy didn’t answer my questions, I carved my initials in his wrist.”

She squeaked.

“Please. I’ve never been in here in my life. Honest. I haven’t…” Tears started running down her face, real ones. She had no control whatever.

“That’s better. Save me the trouble of looking through your wallet. What’s your name? And don’t lie. You don’t want to know what I do to liars.”

“L-L-Lisa. Um… Dillard. Honest, I wouldn’t lie.”

“And the middle name, Miss umDillard?”

“M-M-Marie. And it’s just Dillard.”

He was silent for a while. She began to wriggle in the chair, not sure what to expect next,

“How many times did you steal from my mother?”

She couldn’t talk, just shook her head, sobbing. Finally she managed…

“I didn’t. Ever before.”

She kept sobbing. He broke the silence.

“Why? Your stuff is expensive. Did you steal all that too?”

“It was a bet, eight of us seeing who could shoplift the most expensive stuff and we’d all get together and…”



“Where are you getting together?”


“Jesus. You can afford to eat there and you steal? What the hell is wrong with you, don’t you have any morals?”

He pulled out a cellphone and rapidly dialed.

“Jake Roberts. Please.”

“Who are you calling?’

“Shut up… Yeah, I’ll wait.”

The silence ate at her. She couldn’t imagine what he was doing. Finally…

“Yeah, Jake, it’s me. I got a tip for you. In an hour there’ll be a gang of felony shoplifters at Molleti’s, all of them in possession of their stuff. You can make a major bust…”

She tried to hear the other end of the conversation.

“I’m babysitting my mom’s store and I popped a shoplifter. A little interrogation and she was singing like a canary. Member that old guy at Kabul…”

The phone continued at a level she couldn’t hear.

“I don’t know. She’s such a baby. If it was up to me I’d paddle her ass but I don’t think… yeah. Okay, dude, you owe me one. I’ll think about it. Later.”

 She watched enthralled as he pressed something on the handle of his knife and it folded up, disappeared it without a trace. She thought it went into his pocket but for all she knew it could have been up his sleeve.

“So what are you going to do to me?”

He smiled.

“Yes, that is an interesting question, isn’t it?”

She swallowed hard. She was hoping for a more direct answer.

“So you were in Afghanistan?”

He nodded.

“Two tours and a little bit extra. Nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

“And you interrogated people – is that what you called it? – like you did me?”

He smiled.

“Every day. Actually, I was very gentle with you.”

She shuddered. Suddenly his words came back to her.

“Are you really going to spank me?”

He started laughing. Damn, his smile was beautiful. She hated herself for it but she could really fall for him. He was not only beautiful, he was dangerous. For real, not some wannabe school boy.

“I probably should. You sure as hell deserve it. “

“I’ve never been spanked in my life. Look, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your mom. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. To us… Well, to me it was just a game.”

He scowled. The voice echoing in her ears was harsh.

“Where do you think the money comes from to pay for the things you steal? Do you think there’s some kind of shoplifting fairy that comes around behind you and pays for what you take? It comes out of her pocket, out of all our pockets. Maybe if your mom had blistered your butt the first time you got caught shoplifting she could have taught you some kind of morals.”

“I’m not sure my mom cared about much of anything except a bottle.”

He was quiet.

“I’m sorry, Lisa, I didn’t know. It doesn’t change the fact that you behave very badly.”

She hung her head. Yes, he was right. She started to cry. She’d probably never have a chance with a guy like him. He was honest and had served his country and he just seemed like a straight shooter. She’d never been around anyone like him.

“Randy? What are you doing to that poor little girl?”

Lisa looked up into the gentle blue eyes of an older woman, kindness in her voice.

“Caught her shoplifting, Mom. I was just interrogating her. She and a bunch of her friends were having some kind of contest…”

“I don’t care. You’re not in some awful place on the other side of the world. Take those off her right now.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

His mom was even shorter than Lisa but he certainly respected her. He reached down and after a few clicks the cuffs were off her wrists. She sat there for a few minutes, silent, rubbing her wrists to get the circulation going again.

“Apologize to her.”

“Mom, she was stealing from us…”


There was steel in her voice Lisa couldn’t believe.

“Yes Ma’am. Sorry, Lisa.”

“And you’ll take her to dinner to make up for it.”

His face grew red. She hadn’t seen a man, a real man blush.

“Yes Ma’am. Lisa…”

He stumbled over the words, and she felt sorry for him. She owed him a lot – she suspected that all her girlfriends were trying to explain their stolen property to the police about now, and he could have turned her over as well. She decided to save him the embarrassment.

“Randy I’d be honored to go to dinner with you.”

He smiled.

“Okay. Tomorrow night?”

“Love to.”

“You’ll have to settle for something a little down the scale from Moletti’s though.”

Somewhere birds were chirping, bunnies were bouncing around, and her heart was singing its own sweet song. Someone nice had asked her out, someone real, someone she’d never imagined.

“I’ll go wherever you want to take me.”

She meant it in more ways than one. She was happy.


This is part of the #wankwednesday group run by Ruby Kiddell. To look at all the entries see http://eroticnotebook.co.uk/erotic-writing/wank-wednesday/slice-wank-wednesday/

I cheated a little this week – I was so pressed for time that I didn’t think I had anything I could write to enter, then in editing this I found the magic keyword. (Please don’t get mad at me Ruby) This is the first chapter of a novella I’m working on – I’m shooting for a pub date in August or September. Any comments are appreciated. And yes, this does, of course, go much further…




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