The Tide

Originally published 4/7/2011)

My lover lifts my lust

Gently, little waves of passion breaking

Then my soft sigh while his slick stroke retreats

Again, each time a little closer

A little farther

Desire rises within

Until I can’t

Don’t want to

Hold out any more


I bind myself to him


My wailing voice of delight

Fills the room

A lovely counterpoint to

His low animal grunts

The flood crests

Then the soundless ebb

I moan


I cling as long as my body

Stays taut

Then lie back

His gentle fingers resting

On my sated skin

Happy with his touch

Wondering when the tide

Will come



Posted for Wank Wednesday, a little poetry break from writing…

Hope you enjoy it.

p.s. – After the comment from Scarlett I cheated a little – I went back and rearranged a few words…

Wynn Scarlett Frost – Definitely liked this. My favorite part is “I bind myself to him”, that presents a really stronge emotion and good imagery.

One thing I would change is the “quiet ebb” and “Quietly” in the same verse. It’s repetitive and takes away from the feeling and mood of the poem.


erikamoran – Thanks for the suggestion – I missed that. Happens when I’m in a hurry and I don’t have enough time to finish editing – we’re getting six inches of snow tonight and there is a lot to be done before it gets here.

Wynn Scarlett Frost – I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes even when unread things through several times there are things that I just don’t catch. Glad to have other eyes looking at my work to help me!

Six inches of snow?! I am NOT envious. I will refrain from posting about my current weather, lol


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