Trail Sore

One thing she really hated was when he was right and she knew he was right and she had really fucked up. Like tonight. How she’d left the steaks out of his pack she couldn’t recall. She had put together all the food, and divided it between their knapsacks. She had an angry and hungry man sitting in the small tent with her, and she could tell he wasn’t going to let this one go.

“So do you have anything else in there? It’s been a long hike and I’m famished.”

She frantically pawed through looking for something, anything.

“Can you get some water boiling? I’ve got chili-mac.”

“What, the dehydrated stuff?”

She knew how much he hated that – they saved it for the very end of the trip, when there was only a single day until they got off the trail.

“Well… everything else we’re supposed to pick up at the cabin.”

He glared at her for a few moments before he backed out.

“There’s a small stream and the water looks clear. I’ll start it. You did bring the pan, didn’t you?”

Her face burned even more.

“Uh, yes. And the handle for it.”

She wanted to be sarcastic, but she could tell she’d pushed him to the edge. She didn’t need to go any further.

It was a completely silent dinner, both of them sitting on the ground around the small fire. She leaned back and sighted through the treetops to the stars. It was always so peaceful. Even if he was mad at her, she was happy.

* * *

They woke up and he was still grumpy as they packed everything and cleaned the campsite. They had two more days to the cabin, and she had only a few packets of dried food. She wasn’t sure what kind of dinner she could put together out of it, and she worried all morning. She followed his huge frame along the path through the forest, staring at his back. Around eleven they came to a small clearing and he dropped his pack and laid down in the sunlight, looking like a sweaty golden-haired greek god.

She was hot and perspiring as well, and it felt really good as she slid the straps off her shoulders and dropped onto the soft grass across from him. It was a beautiful setting with flowers along one edge and birds singing to the sky. He finally spoke, clearly still angry.

“So have you figured out what we’re having tonight or do we go hungry?”

“I think I’ll be able to put together something. It’ll probably just be veggies and a little fruit.”

“That’s fucking great.” His glare was back, and she leaned against her pack. Finally she couldn’t take it any more and she stood up, hands on her hips.

“All right. Look, I really screwed up, I admit it. Can’t we just get over it? What do you want from me? If we were home I’d go get the strap and you could tan my hide but there’s nothing out here…”

He smiled. The first time since last night’s fiasco.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure I can find something.”


He stood and walked to the edge of the tree line and pulled on a sapling. It snapped , slowly, and she watched as he pulled out his knife and whacked it off the bush it grew from.

“My mom always said there was nothing like a good whipping with a green switch to get someone’s attention.”

She shuddered.

“But out here, I don’t have anything for afterwards. No ice, no arnica, nothing.”

He smiled.

“I know.”

He sat back and ran his knife carefully up and down the green sapling, clearing off leaves and the few smaller branches. It was nearly the size of her index finger at the base and it tapered off to nothing. It had to be nearly three feet long. Finally he was through and he swished it through the air. A loud whistling sound echoed around the clearing and she started to shake.

“Okay, dear. Time to pay for your little forgetfulness. Drop your jeans and panties.”

“But here?  Anyone could come by and see me getting it… “

She searched desperately for some excuse that he would buy. With nothing to put on it, she’d be sore for days, and she’d be walking along the trail all day. It would be truly awful.

“Well, if anyone comes along I’ll invite him or her to help me out. How’s that sound? Now take down those jeans, Ciara. If I have to do it I’ll give you another dose after dinner.”

Slowly she unbuckled her belt and undid the buttons.  She slid everything down her legs and turned from him, then bent over and put her hands on her knees – it was his favorite position for disciplining her. The chill of the mountain air raised goosebumps on her bare skin, and her heartbeat pounded in her ears – she was sure it would really hurt for a while. She supposed she’d never forget anything again, though.  

She heard the shriek start again and she twisted around to watch him. There was a smile on his face, his arm was in mid stroke, and the switch flowed back from his arm in a smooth arc.


Haven’t had time to do much recreational writing for the last little bit.

This is part of the #wankwednesday weekly erotic writing prompt – to see the other writers look here


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